Various RFG & EP Activities

Main Overview & examples over the last 20 years

ArianeGroup – RFG-1000W

  • ESA NASA MARS Sample Return Mission
  • THALES Alenia Space – SES SA (SES) – Intelsat
  • BOEING Space – EP Systems for Standard Platforms
  • Development, Qualification & Series Production of RFG1000W for RIT2x

ESA RFG-60W EVO-ADV EM#02 for RIT-3.5

  • Development of Engineering Model of a miniaturized RFG for µRIT3.5 Advanced & optimized version

ESA´s (ArianeGroup) MRGAN – RFG-60W EM#01 for RIT4.0

  • Development of Engineering Model of a miniaturized RFG-60 for µRIT 4.0.

RITSAT/ LOEWE – µRIT Ion Thruster Engines

  • Development & production of miniaturized RFG-60
  • Power Supply Unit (PSCU) for RFG60 RITSAT with SPI-CMD/IF
  • Construction & Production of Thruster Demonstrator RIT-3.5 (Vessel, Coil, Grid‘s and Case)

APCON´s Power Module Assembly µRIT Ion Thruster Engines

Design study for the arrangement of Radio Frequency Generator, Power Supply Unit and negative + postive High Voltage Power Supply HVPS for µRIT  Mirco Ion Thruster Engine

  • Modules can be designed with identical mechanical layout.
  • Compact like a 5.4 Inch Smart phone
  • RFG – PPU –  P-HVPS + N-HVPS
  • Engineering Model (EM#01 BLUE):
  • Miniature RFG60 + PSCU-RFG µRIT-3.5 RITSAT_LOEWE Programm

Nano Satellites

  • Development & Production of Power Supply and Control Unit for Nano Thruster Engines <100nN in cooperation with UniBwM (University of the Bundeswehr Munich)

More information

Heritage – RFG Radio Frequency Generators – various RIT Thruster

Baseline of Design: Reference Project Artemis (RITA−10) RFG150

Cooperation & research projects with ArianeGroup & University of Gießen since 2000.

Different RFG Radio Frequency Generators were developed and produced over last 20 years, with continuous improvements,

  • RFG power from 40W to 900W – 1000W – 1400W
  • for RIT Ion Thruster Engines from 40µN…240mN…280mN.
  • for RIT thruster diameters of 2.5cm to 22cm …28cm.

List of RFG units since 20 years:

  1. Actual RFG-1000W EIS for RIT−2x (Boeing) – in preparation of Testing Flight Models FM#01-#016
  2. Actual RFG-1000W MSR-ERO for RIT−2x (ESA Mars Mission) – in preparation of Testing Flight Models FM#01-#08
  3. Actual RFG-1000W SPIN for RIT−2x (THALES Alenia) – FM Series in contractual phase for 28 Units (and in near future many more)
  4. Actual RFG-1000W SPIN for RIT−2x (THALES Alenia). Re-Design EQSR-Phase finished, EM#01/ QM#02.
  5. Actual RFG-1000W for RIT−2x (ESA MSR-ERO) – Re-Design EQSR-Phase finished, EQM#06A / EQM#06B / QM#07
  6. Actual RFG-1000W for RIT−2x (Boeing) – finished Qualification & Models EM#01/EM#02/EM#03, EQM#04 & EQM#05A / EQM#05B)
  7. Actual RFG-60W-EVO-ADV (ESA-ESTEC) Engineering Model EM#02 (optimized Version of MRGAN) – actual development & re-design and hardware phase ongoing in 2021/2022/2023
  8. RFG-900W for RIT−22 Demonstrator Models DM#01+DM#02 (operating for more than 10,000 h)
  9. RFG-600W for RIT-15 Engineering Model
  10. RFG-250W for RIT-17 Engineering Model
  11. RFG-350W for RIT-17 Engineering Model
  12. RFG-200W for RIT-10 Engineering Model
  13. RFG-150W for Artemis RITA-10 (Initial Heritage Program of Astrium with participation of APCON)
  14. RFG-120W for RIT-7 Engineering Model
  15. RFG-60W-LPF-ADV Engineering Models EM#01 + EM#02 for RIT-4 (Lisa Pathfinder – Rebuild and Advanced Version)
  16. RFG-60W-MRGAN Engineering Model EM#01 (miniaturized Version of Lisa Pathfinder ADV)
  17. RFG-60W RIT-3.5 Engineering Model (RIT-SAT – LOEWE Program)
  18. Power Supply PSCU Engineering Model for RFG-60W of RIT-3.5 (RIT-SAT – LOEWE Program)
  19. RFG-40W for RIT-2.5
  20. NTR_RFG-40W for Neutralizer µRIT
  21. RF-Neutralizer (quasi inverse RFG unit) for RIT-Power-System
  22. Beam Current Control Unit (PDR BepiColombo) – Development Designs & Hardware
  23. Power Supply RFG-PSCU for RFG-60
  24. Development Designs – High Voltage Power Supply PHV+NHV
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