Apcon AeroSpace & Defence GmbH is specialized in development and manufacturing of customized high reliability power supplies and electronic, for our worldwide customers, for military, aviation and space applications.

We are one of the market leaders for aerospace power-units, RFG-radio frequency generators & power devices for satellite electric propulsion system (RIT Radio frequency Ion Thruster).

The company strategy of APCON is providing customer specific, fully in-house and high end solutions as a sub-contractor for your mission.

Fields of business

Space electronics and satellite payload power supplies

Military, missile, defence and airborne applications

Avionics, analog & sigital signal processing

Radio Frequency Generators (RFG)

Power supply and  power electronic (PSU, PSCU, PPU, high voltage, beam current control) for satellite electric propulsion system (RIT Radio frequency Ion Thruster),

Development, production & test

Test Equipment (EGSE) for special applications

Areas of competence

APCON was founded in 1994 as a spin-off of AIRBUS-DS power supply department (former EADS / Astrium / DASA / MBB). We have more than 30 years of experience in design, production and test of different kind of electronic units.

We offer superior different competences and services, with our own facilities and personal staff – ALL in-house:

  • Development of power electronic and other different kind of high tech applications or special test systems, test equipment electronics
  • Schematic circuit design entry, PCB layout (CAE), mechanical & structure design (CAD)
  • Design of high-density technology, very small dimensions, highest product quality
  • Analysis and simulation performance (PSpice, PSA, WCA, FMECA, MTBF, FEM, Reliabiltiy analyses, Worst Case,  Part Stress, Thermal & Structure, Magnetics & Transformers etc.)
  • Complete simulations and analyses before prototypes are built – No breadboards – immediately engineering models
  • In house production of the complete unit, electronic and mechanical components, integrated CAM-CAD post processing,  pick & place parts placement and assembly
  • Manufacturing of Transformers, Inductor & Storage Coils
  • Individual programmed test-software and created test-hardware system, EGSE test equipement and test facilities for special applications
  • Automatic in-house testing, full qualification test programm of products acc. to Space or MIL standards.
  • Compliant to usual MIL- and Space (e.g. EMC, ESCC) specifications
  • Partner network for special environmental tests (AIRBUS, IABG, STEEP, DLR, ESA, Aerospazio)

Reference customer and partner

Our customers in the aerospace branch are the top ten and who is who – national and worldwide – with commercial serial product applications, high challenging projects and/or special missions by institutional agencies NASA/ESA/DLR.

We have executed more then >300 projects – 233 space power supply active in space and diverse 2.545 military defence units in operation. APCON has demonstrated Space and MIL heritage and is well known and established in the market over 30 years. We have special business relationships, direct contact and network to our long time customers (Airbus, ArianeGroup, Boeing, DLR Center of Space, ESA & ESTEC, Jena-Optronik, OHB Space Systems, Thales Alenia Space) and subcontractors. There are and were always some healthy dependencies, in strategic projects with long term agreements or long time contracts existing between of APCON and its customer, esp. Boeing, ArianeGroup, Thales Alenia, DLR, ESA. APCON has direct contact to those responsible at program- and project-level.

AeroSpace. Power Electronics. High-Rel.

Your Mission – Our Power

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Power Supply VNIR FPA Camera

RIT-2x High Power Thruster

Radio Frequency Generator

RIT3.5 Mirco Thruster

Radio Frequency Generator

List of all important projects

Extract of important projects over the last 27 Years. (more than 500 projects are realised…)


(> 250 Units active in Space + EM/QM 32 Units)

  • AOCS StarTracker ASTRO15 (188 Units)
  • ESA ROSETTA Mission
  • ESA VENUS Express Mission
  • NASA GRACE Folow On
  • GökTürk-2
  • Globalstar Satellite
  • OptSAT VNIR (Series FM 20 Units BWB)
  • RapidExe
  • JSS56 Jena Spaceborn Scanner
  • Space Standard 52V-Bus Converter (AOCS)
  • Digital Correlator System DICOS #1-2-3
  • XMM
  • Power Converter Module OBPE
  • DICOS Digital Correlator System and power supply


  • BOEING 752 SpaceBus
  • Intelsat IS-22

AOCS StarTracker ASTRO15 (188 Units)

  • Different versions for BOEING, Intelsat, SS Loral Space, Orbital Science, Northrop Grumman, MELCO


(FM 24 + 28 + 37 EM/QM)

  • Radio Frequency Generators for ION THRUSTER
  • RFG1000 RIT2x (Series FM 16 Units Boeing Space)
  • RFG1000 RIT2x (Series FM 8 Units ESA MSR Mars Project)
  • RFG1000 RIT2x (Series FM28 Units Thales Alenia Intelsat)
  • RFG60 µRIT (ESA Lisa Pathfinder, MRGAN, RITSAT)
  • Various RFG-Radio Frequency Generator RFG60 – 1000Watt (37 Units)
  • Power Supply & Electronic (PSU, PSCU, PPU, high voltage, beam current control)
  • RF-Neutralizer Unit RFG
  • Beam Current Control Unit (BepiColombo)
  • Nano Thruster Engines <100nN – Power Supply
  • Nano Thruster Engines <100nN – Control Unit


  • BepiColombo (Beam Current Control Unit)
  • GOCE
  • AIR LIQUIDE – Space Cooler Drive Electronics
  • EUROFIGHTER Landing Gear Computer
  • EUROFIGHTER STV-DECU Converter engine electronics
  • ESA Des-Risk (DLR GSTP) RFG600
  • A400M Aircraft – M2AC-PSM – Power Supply
  • NH90 – MilOWS Power Supply
  • METEOR Missile – Valve Drive Unit
  • EURAAM Missile
  • MILAN_4 – Control electronic
  • MILAN-RFI Power Converter
  • PARS3/TRIGAT LR – Fin Actuator Assembly
  • PARS3/TRIGAT LR – Fin Drive
  • TAURUS KEPD-350 DC/DC Converter + AC/AC Converter

MISSILE (> 2.052 Units)

  • TAURUS Missile KEPD-350 Seeker Head – (3*684 = 2.052 Unit)
  • TAURUS KEPD-FM3 – Power Distribution Box
  • MILAN Weapon System Anti Tank (20 Unit)
  • POLYPHEM /TRIFOM – Powersupply
  • PARS3 Fin Drive


  • Helicopter TIGER (Total 3*140 = 420 Unit)
  • HOT Missile
  • PARS3 Fire & Control Unit
  • PARS3 Launcher
  • PARS3 Missile Findrive
  • PARS3 LIE Launcher Interface Electronic


  • EUROFIGHTER (55 Units)


  • MES1-2 – MILAN Weapon System Anti Tank
  • Hot Missile – Test Unit
  • VXI Test Unit EGSE


  • SPACE STANDARD Converter
  • ARINC 600 System


  • SOLAR-Power-Conditioner

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