AOCS StarTracker (ASTRO15)

About the project – 188 units – acitve in space !!!

APCON has developed and produced in total 188 power supply units for the extreme successful AOCS for Attitude Orbit Control Systems, created by Jena Optronik.
The AOCS (ASTRO-15 Star Tracker) was build for BOEING BDS BSS – 702 Satellite Platform (75 units), and 6 different other world wide customers (MELCO Mitsubishi Electric+JAXA + OSC Orbital Science+ SS-LORAL + Northrop Grumman 110 units).

The APCON power supply and is a flight proven system for long-term GEO and LEO missions for telecom, science and Earth observation.

The power converter is a customer specified multi output DC/DC-Converter which provides several output voltages.

The power is provided via an unregulated spacecraft power bus with different S/C voltages (18V … 52V (DC).


  • More than 188 flight units in different versions are active in space.
  • Different versions for many customers for various applications.
  • 8 Secondary regulation output voltages – galvanically isolated (transformer-coupled)
  • This power unit uses high-density techniques at very small dimensions.
  • Internal EMI-Filters reduce the conducted emission (CE) and control the Conducted Susceptibility (CS).
  • More than 95% of the EEE-parts are SMD (Surface-mounted devices).
  • Over Voltage Protection
  • Internal Power Fail Logic
  • Main/Red Power-Distribution
  • Frequency operation
  • Remote sensing
  • Overload/short circuit protection
  • Under/over-voltage control logic
  • Over-temperature protection
  • Power on reset
  • On/off-command interfaces for main and redundant bus control
  • The unit operates over the full space qualified temperature range.
  • AOCS (Attitude Orbit Control Systems)

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