TIGER – PSU PARS 3 Missile (LIE)

LIE Launcher Interface Electronic

The LIE is a dedicated design for the weapon system PASR3 Long Range on helicopter TIGER.

Six internal DC/DC-Converter modules have an input range of 18 to 36 volts and 850-watts output power capability.

The PWM-buck-converters are regulated in a average-current-mode (ACM). The ACM regulation principle combines the advantages of the current mode and of the voltage mode without the individual disadvantages.

The average current mode regulation must be good to realise the CS01 and CS02 requirement (subharmonic stability), line and load regulation and transient response.

The LIE Power Converter supplies the PASR3 long range ammunition during the pre flight operation and during the target detection phase.

APCON has developed and qualified the power supply over a broad range of harsh operating environments including extreme temperatures, altitude, shock, vibration, salt, fog, humidity and various EMI requirements.

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