TAURUS KEPD 350 Missile

Cruise Missile – Seeker Head Electronic Components

The modular stand-off missile Taurus KEPD350 is designed to be a surgical strike weapon for Tornadoes and future Eurofighters.

The system features modular sections of the airframe configured individually for each mission and has a TriTec navigation system comprising GPS-aided inertial guidance, terrain-following radar and IR-image based waypoint navigation.

The propulsion is provided by a high performance turbo engine.

The mission of Taurus is programmed automatically on a separate mission planning system using data of existing air defence threats.

KEPD is approaching targets at a distance up to 350 km with a speed above Mach .8 at very low flight altitudes.

The KEPD 350 Power Converter is a customer specified multi output DC/DC-Converter with five output voltages to provide power for the KEPD 350 seeker electronic.

APCON has developed and manufactured 3 different units, the PSU power supply, SIP signal processing unit and SAD Sensor And Drive Actuator Unit.

  • Series production over 5 years – Total: 2.010 Units
  • IR–Seeker Head Electronic (670 pcs)
  • PSU Power Supply (670 pcs)
  • SAD Sensor and Drive Actuater Drive Unit (670 pcs)


  • The power is provided by the missile’s DC-grid.
  • The operating voltage is 28V.
  • Internal EMI-Filters reduce the conducted emission (CE)
  • controlled conducted susceptibility (CS) acc. to MIL-STD 462.
  • Fixed frequency operation
  • Remote sensing
  • Overload/short circuit protection
  • Ultra low dropout regulator
  • Over-voltage protection
  • Under/over-voltage control logic Over-temperature protection
  • operating over full military temperature range.
  • high density design has very small dimensions.

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