TAURUS KEPD 350 Seeker Pod
(Cruise Missile)
Control logic

The modular stand-off missile Taurus KEPD350 is designed to be a surgical strike weapon for Tornadoes and future Eurofighters.

The system features modular sections of the airframe configured individually for each mission and has a TriTec navigation system comprising GPS-aided inertial guidance, terrain-following radar and IR-image based waypoint navigation.
The propulsion is provided by a high performance turbo engine.
The mission of Taurus is programmed automatically on a separate mission planning system using data of existing air defence threats.
KEPD is approaching targets at a distance up to 350 km with a speed above Mach .8 at very low flight altitudes.

The KEPD 350 Power Converter is a customer specified multi output DC/DC-Converter with five output voltages to provide power for the KEPD 350 seeker electronic.
The power is provided by the missile’s DC-grid.
The operating voltage is 28V.
Internal EMI-Filters reduce the conducted emission (CE) and control the conducted susceptibility (CS) in accordance to MIL-STD 462.

This APCON high density design has very small dimensions.
The unit operates over the full military temperature range.

APCON is contract holder for the series production
(current production lot: 620 units).

Fixed frequency operation
Remote sensing
Overload/short circuit protection
Ultra low dropout regulator
Over-voltage protection
Under/over-voltage control logic
Over-temperature protection

The specifications are as follows:

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