Space Standard Power Supply
for 18V to 52V-Satellite-Bus-Systems

APCON has designed and builds the power supply for AOCS (Attitude Orbit Control Systems) and is a flight proven system for long-term GEO and LEO missions for telecom, science and Earth observation.

The APCON Power Converter is a customer specified multi output DC/DC-Converter, designed and manufactured by APCON, which provides several output voltages.

The power is provided via an unregulated spacecraft power bus.

Operating voltage is 18V to 52V (DC) in various version.

Internal EMI-Filters reduce the conducted emission (CE) and control the Conducted Susceptibility (CS).

The device is built in different versions, which are used in different applications.

More than 60 units have been launched and are active in space, even more are currently in production at APCON facilities.

More than 95% of the EEE-parts are SMD (Surface-mounted devices).

This APCON product uses high-density techniques at very small dimensions.

The unit operates over the full space qualified temperature range.


More than 60 flight units in different versions active in Space.

Further 20 units in integration status - ready for lift off.

AOCS (Attitude Orbit Control Systems)

Different versions for different customers.

Over Voltage Protection
Internal Power Fail Logic
Main/Red Power-Distribution
Frequency operation
Remote sensing

Overload/short circuit protection
Under/over-voltage control logic
Over-temperature protection
Power on reset
On/off-command interfaces for main and redundant bus control

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Boeing’s 702 Standard

AOCS on board is powered by APCON.

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AOCS on board is powered by APCON.
(jap. navigation satellite)
Detailed Project

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DirecTV-12 broadcast satellite

AOCS on board is powered by APCON.