KompSat-3 (Arirang 3)

The Power Supply (CEUP) for the Hi-Resolution camera, main payload of the multi purpose satellite

Status KompSat-3A:
Flight model production

Status KompSat-3 :(Arirang 3):
Successfully launched

The Power supply is based on a discrete design realising the special requirements of the KompSat-3 Camera.

Components of the Power supply
-Input Filter
-Input Inrush Current Limiter
-Input Voltage Limiter (Transient protection)
-ACM Buck (average current mode regulated) DC/DC-Converter
- Secondary voltage regulators, 12 Outputs

Secondary regulation galvanically isolated

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Satellit mit hochauflösendem
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KompSat-3 (Arirang 3) www.dlr.de

www.dlr.de - KompSat-3A

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