Power Supply for camera front end electronics

The Power Supply for the VNIR FPA camera front end electronics

Technical Detector Concept
The EnMap & DESIS Imaging Spectrometer FPAs
require two different 2-dimensional detector array
types, with one dimension for the spatial scan along
a ground image line repre-sented by the
spectrometer slit, the second dimension for the
reproduction of the spectrum per either spectral
The two detectors have a wavelength overlap of
100 nm for reference and matching the two
spectra. The resulting image data together with
the track of the satellite will then constitute the
often quoted “image cube”, a data set with spatial
and spectral information.

The VNIR power supply is integral part of the VNIR
FPA electronics. It is located in a single box
together with the camera front end electronics.

The VNIR FPA power supply shall permanently
generate the supply voltage for the FEE digital
controller and S/C interfaces. The detector
voltages shall be generated as row voltage and
will be finally conditioned on the FEE or the SA.
The detector voltages shall be switched on and off
via digital command signals from the FEE.

The converter consists of the following functional blocks:
- Input filterInput
- Current Limiter with latch
- Primary Under-Over-Voltage Protection
- PWM Pre-Regulator
- Push/Pull Power stage including transformer
- Rectifier and Output Filter
- Secondary Buck & Series Regulators
- Monitoring (Power On Reset Circuit)
- Monitoring (Output Current & Voltage
- Measurement of Analog & Digital Voltages by ADC)
- Measurement of Peltier Voltages by ADC)
- DAC-Command Interface for the Peltier Voltage

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